FAQs About Balloons

Who says balloons are bad for the environment?

This is a fallacy. Our latex balloons are made from rubber trees and are 100% bio-degradable. They are not plastic. You can use them on your garden as mulch. Balloons do not clog up waterways or choke marine animals – unlike plastic bags. Helium is a non-toxic gas and we don’t use plastic clips, we hand tie our balloons.

Do you have metallic balloons?
Pearl and metallic balloons are our default option. These are the very best balloons, they have a nice shape and the shiny lustre that makes them special. We attach matching ribbon to all the balloons and custom curl each piece.

What colours can I choose?
We have a full range of over 50 different colours to choose from. You can have as few or as many colours as you like, it doesn’t change the price. COLOUR CHART

Last time my balloons came down during dinner!!
We guarantee that our balloons will fly for at least 14 hours indoors. They will be partying long after you have gone to bed. If this is not the case we will refund your money.

Do you deliver?
We take care of everything. We will liaise with the function centre, organise access times, set up, clean up and be gone at least one hour before your guests arrive. All you have to do is have a good time. Delivery fees do apply. Delivery fees are based on the area the balloons need to go to. An example of our delivery fees are Parramatta – from $30, and CBD – from $55. Prices include G.S.T.

How do I know how many balloons I need for the ceiling?
There is a great formula to work out how many balloons you need. Multiply the length (L) and the width (W) of the space you want to cover with balloons on the ceiling. Then…
L x W x 10 = this will completely “carpet” the ceiling with balloons.
L x W x 7 = perfect number for a dancefloor effect.
L x W x 5 = a scattered effect for a boardroom or large area.

Do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes, we do. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX (AMEX has a 3% surcharge).